HGU-86/P helmet

hgu-86p_mbu-22p_01_tn.jpg (36891 bytes)hgu-86p_f-22_2003_tn.jpg (26799 bytes)
Left: HGU-86/P helmet with MBU-22/P oxygen mask and NBC hood. Helmets Ltd.
Right: F-22 pilot in 2003 with HGU-86/P helmet and MBU-22/P oxygen mask Lockheed-Martin

Message 270:
Picture of the HGU-86/P from Sweetmans book on the F-22 attached. Steve Norris

Photo Copyright Helmets Ltd.

Message 271:
to Steve (and others, following the HA/LP discussion): AHA! This is the HGU-86 helmet, certainly, but it is shown in use with an aviation NBC protection assembly that while unknown to me, clearly is similar in concept to other "multi-configuration" designs such as the HGU-51/P and the TLSS, and which is also clearly an NBC protection application. Sven's photo shows the same (F-22 proposal) helmet (ALPHA HGU-86/P) in use with the MBU-22/P mask, a combination in that particular instance that is for high altitude applications only and not for NBC threat. Your photo (from Sweetman's book), I am willing to bet my life, shows the HGU-86 in use with a far more recent NBC mask/hood assembly (NBC protective) than the HGU-51/P type system (although possibly a study prototype proposal). It is also one that I am as yet unacquainted with (I admit with some chagrin), but it corroborates the plenteous remarks in the Armstrong Symposium proceedings as being accurate in prognosticating completion of an F-22 system that provides the NBC option as well as altitude protection. Cheers, Chris

Message 1555:
FYI: attached is a rare photo image of the new USAF pilot protective helmet and mask system that has been specifically designed for use in the Lockheed-Martin F-22 fighter (still in development testing). You do not see many images showing this system in actual flight, which draws heavily upon existing Combat Edge equipment (deriving in turn from original TLSS studies done in the mid 80s). This system is presently intended to be used only in the F-22, but may also end up also being used in the new US 'strike fighter' design that is still in R&D stages.     Cheers, DocBoink

Message 1560:
If I'm not much mistaken the F-22 helmet is made by Helmets Ltd. of the UK, who currently supply the RAF with Alpha helmets. On their website they call it the HGU 86/P. Christo.

Message 1561:
Christo, I do believe you are correct. The Alpha designed HGU-86/P helmet appears to be identical to that in the other image taken of an F-22 flight test pilot in the F-22 cockpit. Bingo! HGU-86/P it seems is correct. See attached photo 'lifted' from the Alpha website. [Same as in message 270] Thanks Christo. Cheers, Doc Boink

Message 1581:
This is another view of the HGU-86/P helmet, originally intended for use in the Lockheed-Martin-Boeing F-22 Raptor advanced fighter. This particular photo was taken in 1996 and comes from an article in Air Force Magazine (again) that appeared in 1999. I have heard (unconfirmed) that the HGU-86/P was so different from existing USAF helmet/head protection systems that a decision was made not to procure it in quantity; this is something that awaits confirmation from the authoritative likes of Dr. Sears or one of the senior "Retired" life support folks. At any rate, the helmet is indeed the Alpha design referenced earlier in this forum and I thought that this view is a very good one. The other view of the HGU-86/P attached shows a display head with the helmet and mask system (date of photo about mid-90s) [Same as in message 271]. Cheers, DocBoink.

Message 1582:
CORRECTION: Sorry, but I omitted to mention that the second view of the helmet on a display dummy (attached to my prior email message), in fact shows an NBC (chemical/biological) protection assembly in use with the ALPHA designed HGU-86/P helmet (that is NOT the standard mask used with the HGU-86/P for normal fighter operations). Sorry for omitting this critical explanation in the first email message to which the 2 images were attached! Cheers, DocBoink.